The Wedding Celebration of Kaylah and Jua'Quen

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Kaylah Jackson

I was born and raised in Columbia, SC to a rather big and loving family. From a young age I learned how to put others before myself and how to love genuinely. Loving others was second nature to me, but in a world as we know love isn’t always reciprocated back to you. Of course, I went through different heartbreaks and different emotions that contributed to the heartbreaks growing up until I was DONE. Done giving my heart away, DONE being the one that always attracted people with the wrong intentions, JUST DONE!

One day I prayed and told God what I wanted in a man, but most importantly what he wanted in the man for me. At this point, I was in a waiting game. I wasn't desiring anyone, but in the back of my heart I truly longed for that special person God had for me. When I least expected it God sent me the unexpected. He sent Jua’Quen D. Perry; now the man of my dreams. This man chased me for a year before I became his girlfriend. Staying persistent, he never gave up, and never threw in the towel. The first time he asked me out, I adamantly told him “NO THANK YOU!”

I’ll never forget the words he told me on my 23rd birthday. He said, “ I don’t care how long it takes, I will wait for you." In my head, I said “o….k…….dokie” not knowing that God would put us together just a few months later. The love I received from this man has changed my life. Something that I’ve longed for almost my whole life has finally dropped into my hands. God did it. It was all God. God is love. Love lifted me.

Jua'Quen D. Perry

I have always dreamed that this could happen, but never thought it would. Moving from Florida was very hard for me at a young age. Florida was all I knew at the time. Moving to South Carolina helped me overcome a lot and even helped me find new strengths. I met Kaylah a long time ago. My family and I were just visiting South Carolina for a while. I met her at my aunt's church, Living Water Christian Outreach Center. Even as we were kids, I thought she was cute then. Of course, I never said anything.

After we moved to South Carolina, I began to grow in my gift of music and ministry. I started playing organ/piano for multiple churches and it started to become an everyday thing. About three years ago, I saw my aunt's church on Facebook and decided to stop by and visit. I had such a great time and felt so welcomed by the love shown. Months later, Samuel Sanders (Kaylah's Uncle), started asking me to come play for services and fill in from time to time.

In February of 2022, I saw something I admired about Kaylah. I saw the way she loved others and how pure her heart was. I prayed that she would be the one for me and I started texting her. As time continued, we became very close friends. We became so close that you wouldn't see one without the other. We talked literally every day.

I asked Kaylah out for the first time and the answer was, "No, Thank You!" I wanted to give up after that, but something in me would not let me. On her 23rd birthday, I told her, "It doesn't matter how long it takes, I will wait for you." Surely, God did what he does best! He answered my prayers, put us together, and even had multiple prophets confirm it whom we've never met.

Now we're planning our wedding. I could truly write a book about our love story. It's not every day you hear about a love story like this. Only God can do something like this!

Our Story

Kaylah and Jua'Quen crossed paths at a young age, unaware that God would bring them together in the future. After years of praying for a meaningful relationship leading to marriage, their prayers were answered! God revealed it by an African prophet named Prophet Benard Taylor on April 13, 2023, during a church revival. Since then, they have been diligently seeking God's guidance. On April 24, 2023, they officially started their relationship, a moment filled with overwhelming joy that felt like a dream come true, orchestrated by God.

On their eight-month anniversary, Jua'Quen decided to pop the big question. Kaylah had no idea about the planned surprise proposal until another African prophet, Prophet Bernard Owusu Ansah, revealed the planned date during a service in December 2023. It was a beautiful early Christmas present and a perfect way to welcome the new year. December 15, 2023, marked the day Jua'Quen proposed to Kaylah, and her answer was a resounding "Yes!"

Kaylah and Jua'Quen's love story is truly a testament to faith and destiny intertwining beautifully. From the moment their paths crossed to the day they officially started their relationship, every step was guided by God. The joy and gratitude they felt on that special day of commitment were beyond words as if the heavens were celebrating their union.

When Jua'Quen decided to ask Kaylah to be his forever partner, God once again stepped in to make the moment even more wonderful. The surprise proposal, foretold by Prophet Bernard Owusu Ansah, added a touch of divine timing to their love story, making it a moment to cherish not just for them but for everyone witnessing their journey.

As they now embark on the journey of planning their wedding, every detail seems to fall into place with a sense of divine orchestration. Their wedding date feels like a date written in the stars, a day when their love will be sealed in the presence of all those who have been touched by their story.

If you have the honor of being invited to witness Kaylah and Jua'Quen's special day, please make sure to RSVP by or on June 15, 2024, as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their love story surrounded by the blessings of those who have witnessed the walk of their journey.